Sanford Police in ‘standstill’ over homicide investigation
by Rachel Delinski, Herald Staff
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Nearly four months ago, Dennis “Andre” Williams was shot outside his home on Castle Brewer Court with his 9-month-old child in his arms. Police investigators say they have exhausted their leads and now they and Williams’ relatives are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Relatives say their lives haven’t been the same since the shooting.

“Everything’s different,” said Williams’ aunt, Belle Cotton. “Andre was always the happy one. When everyone was sad he was the one to bring laughter. Life is just so different without him.”

His daughter, Andresha Williams, said she has trouble concentrating on schoolwork since her father’s death. The event has changed their family, she said.

“He was outgoing,” she said. “He was basically the person that always held the family together.”

Williams’ family can’t understand why no one will come forward, and why investigators have had little help finding suspects in the crime.

Investigator Trekelle Black, who is working the case, said police officers have not been given much information from the community to help the case.

“We believe someone out there knows who shot Dennis Williams,” he said.

The family believes the same thing.

Williams’ stepfather, Clint Crawford, said he feels that police must have already talked to the killer.

Black said that some of the people interviewed exercised their Miranda rights, and haven’t given police any information that may help.

“Whatever potential leads we have – they have been exhausted,” said Black. “Suspects have been interviewed and right now we are at a standstill.”

The key, investigators said, is getting people from the community to come forward with information.

Currently there is a $5,000 reward for anyone with information about the crime. Also, members of the community can call CrimeLine anonymously to give tips about the homicide.

Capt. Coolidge Hargrett echoed the message.

“If we can get someone to come forward, we can catch this guy,” he said.

Cotton said the family is at a point where they just want closure.

“We want some justice,” she said.

Williams’ left behind six children, including his now 1-year-old, Dra’shawn Williams, who was in his arms the night he was shot. Dra’Shawn’s mother, Tammy Spivey, said she dreads the day she will have to tell her son that his father was killed.

“One day I have to tell him what happened and that he was there,” she said.

Investigators and Williams’ family are encouraging anyone with any information to contact the Sanford Police Department or CrimeLine at 800-423-TIPS (8477).

“We’ve done everything that we could at this point. Every lead that we had we’ve investigated,” said Black. We’re compelling the community to come forward with any information that they may have.”