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The Arrest Report

March 02, 2024 - 06:00
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City Hall renovations?

Police returned to Casselberry’s City Hall on Thursday after two previous reports of criminal mischief. Each time officers arrived on the scene, they found the pavilion seating area a mess, with tables flipped over, chair legs broken, and plant pots scattered. Both times, damages cost over $1,000. Surveillance footage revealed a third incident where a man dressed in dark clothing deliberately threw potted plants on the ground and hurled tables and chairs. He dialed 911 minutes later away from the scene, cursing and yelling on the phone to dispatch. An officer was contacted that the vandalism cases may be related to a suspect who was recently baker acted. Police reviewed the footage, and the description of the man baker acted matched what the man wore in the surveillance footage. On Thursday, police on patrol spotted the man walking on South U.S. 17-92 wearing the same outfit. He was placed in handcuffs and taken to the Seminole County jail.

Waville Williams, 25, of Casselberry was charged with criminal mischief for property damage.


Local AT&T outages

Winter Springs police requested units on Saturday to check the residence of a man who fled a police traffic stop. The car was initially not at the residence in Sanford, so police waited. Then, a silver Audi drove by without headlights on, matching the description of the vehicle police were seeking. It attempted to turn into its driveway but hit a street sign pole instead. The officer at the scene turned on their emergency blue lights, and the driver pulled out of the driveway, accelerated, and hit the police car on the driver’s side. He continued to drive and hit a power line pole, which caused a power failure and loss of AT&T phone communications in that neighborhood. When the officer exited his vehicle, the driver fled on foot, dropping his phone. Police later identified the man through his cell phone and his registered vehicle.

Ernesto Cleveland, 36, of Sanford received multiple charges including fleeing police, property damage, a hit and run, and battery on law enforcement.


No Cuddles Here

Police responded on Friday to a report of criminal mischief in Sanford. A man at the scene said he and a woman had a verbal agreement that they would cuddle for an hour for a set dollar amount.  During the session, he said the woman became suspicious of him and ended the session 15 minutes early. She asked the man to leave and he expressed his dissatisfaction, not wanting to pay for her services. The woman followed him to his car and proceeded to break his driver side window. When police spoke to the woman, she confirmed their agreement but said she asked him to leave because the man made sexual advances towards her. She admitted to breaking his window with a plastic vape because he did not pay her for her services. She also said that if the man was not going to pay her, he should pay for his window.

Amanda Weaver, 24, of Sanford was charged with property damage.


Spilling tea

Police were called to Casselberry on Wednesday about a physical disturbance between a couple. The couple had a verbal argument in their car and then separated, with the woman staying at home and the man leaving the residence. Later when he came home, the woman was boiling water to make tea. According to the woman’s arrest report, she said he wanted to show he was “the man” and hit her, so she threw a hot cup of water and a pot of hot water at him. He threw a pot back at her, breaking a glass. However, the woman’s story was not consistent in location and how the man hit her. She said she had a bruise on her head. When police questioned the man, he confirmed that they had a verbal argument, but said she threw the water first, then he slapped her. The man had burns on the side of his face from the boiling water. Police determined the woman to be the aggressor based on the information given.

Revani Wright, 24 of Casselberry was charged with domestic battery and taken to the Seminole County jail.