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Sean Roberts’ AMRAK Anti-Bullying Film Production

July 10, 2024 - 05:13
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By Susan Wenner

Herald Publisher/People Editor


Sean Roberts began his non-profit, Amrak (karma spelled backwards) as an anti-bully organization that makes films.

His 7 years in the movie and film business has led him to strive to make a positive change in the lives of the people in and out of the business. His greatest desire is to help them know about God through entertainment film productions. His hope is that these kids and adults who have been bullied can encourage others “to be better and do better.”

Beginning is 2017, Roberts began his work of saving and changing lives through film, music videos and events in the community. 

“In our efforts we have helped many kids who have been bullied to be better and help others,” he said. 

Roberts shared that after his own experience being bullied by a man who asked him to help with a movie premiere. 

“After I assisted the gentleman he acted like I didn’t do anything and he proceeded to take credit for all my work,” said Roberts. “This upset me so I said I wanted to make a film called ‘Karma’ at first and a friend said no call it Amrak. He responded it was karma spelled backwards. So after that conversation I changed the name and produced the film, wrote a song produced a music video and produced another film. As I continued to work I created the non-profit.” 

With a love of entertaining under his belt and using that at times as “the class clown, making people laugh in school,” even though theater was not on his radar at the time. Roberts also took the spotlight as a kid playing sports such as football, basketball, and track and field.  

Growing up in New York City, Roberts came to Florida some 12 years ago to Orange County but spending a good amount of time in Seminole County. 

His goal through his productions is to offer healing, purpose, friendship and a family that will support you with your goals. 

“The main thing is to help people heal,” he shared. “We know kids and adults get bullied and we want to make sure they all can be helped by our films and projects for the community.”             

According to Roberts, his movies deal with real life issues such as human trafficking, sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence. 

“These topics range from different experiences presented to us by the person who has been hurt,” he cited. “We produced these projects to help people heal and save and change their lives and lead them to God. I love helping people and a lot of people in this industry get bullied. We want to make sure they become the best versions of themselves after they are in our projects. The qualities and traits we bring is integrity, be a leader and help others be better by working on yourself to be better. Know your purpose and share it with others.”                                               

For more information about Sean Roberts and Amrak go to or Facebook - Sean Roberts or Amrak, email or call 321-304-0353.