Our Take: Improvements to Goldsboro

Improvements to Goldsboro

The City of Sanford has announced a $2 million plus improvement project for the main street in Goldsboro. It will include wider sidewalks, new lighting, plantings, benches, etc. The hope is the money spent will encourage businesses to rebuild on the vacant lots lining Historic Goldsboro Boulevard.

Over the last twenty years, Goldsboro has lost population as residents have moved to newer housing choices, schools, etc.

The traffic counts on 13th Street (Historic Goldsboro Boulevard), Southwest Road, and Old Lake Mary Road, have steadily declined during this time.

The Herald fully supports the Florida Department of Transportation’s proposal for the Pomegranate Avenue overpass connecting with Persimmon Avenue south of the railroad at AutoTrain.

Persimmon Avenue from 13th to Southwest Rd. needs a major restructuring to improve traffic flow from 1st Street to 25th Street.

Further improvements are needed at Southwest Road’s intersection with Old Lake Mary Road.

If these are done, then traffic should increase on 13th Street.

The improvements will need the cooperation of Seminole County as part of the road network is under its jurisdiction.

Traffic counts on the three roads:

2005                                2016

13th Street:                        4006 cars per day
7056 car per day

Southwest Road:
3449 cars per day              3692 cars per day (cross traffic from Airport to 18th St explains increase)

Old Lake Mary Rd:
3353 cars per day              2984 cars per day

Ride out and take a look at the Southwest Road and Old Lake Mary Road intersection. It needs a lot of help.

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