Snarky McSnide Says, Reverse Palace coup in Saudi Arabia

Reverse Palace coup in Saudi Arabia

In the early nineties Citibank was about to fail. This would be bad for the administration of Bush 1.  What to do? There was no way to get Congress to declare it "too big to fail". 

The solution? Give money to Saudi Arabia for "humanitarian purposes".  Presto!  A guy named Prince Alwaleed bails out Citibank. Alwaleed later bought Donald Trump's yacht.

Alwaleed's smallest home in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, has 250,00 square feet and 250 TVs.

Now the prince and other big spenders are in jail on corruption charges. Naturally, since they are used to luxury, the jail is the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

In addition to the big spenders, the Crown Prince has arrested numerous Wahabi clerics.

Times are tough, no more money for the state religion, which in turn has been accused of supporting radical groups such as Boku Haram.

The low price of oil has taken its toll on the lavish spending by Saudi royals. To solve the cash flow problem, the government is selling the nationalized oil giant, Aramco.

The 81 year-old king wants a better legacy than his forebears. Revolutionary things are happening, the Crown Prince has decreed that starting next June, women will be able to drive cars. Wow!

All American men can do is complain about women drivers.  Saudi men? Hmm 

How far will the Crown Prince go in his reverse palace coup?   The clerics deposed are unhappy, the Bushes and Clintons among others, will sorely miss the "friendship" of Alwaleed and his ilk.

Prediction;  The Crown Prince will not die a natural death.

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