Our take Timeout?


The lakefront Heritage site has run into some problems. Apparently somebody noticed after the fact that one of the streets to be improved by the developer was that part of Commercial from Hood to Park Avenue. This is outside the three city blocks of the Heritage project. In a letter to the City, the developer pointed this out and wanted the funds for this improvement moved to Seminole Boulevard.  Also pointed out was the recent flooding.

Earlier proposals for the site included parking for the Seminole County Courthouse. This one does not. In fact this plan provides no parking for the restaurants or commercial spaces at all. The letter discussing the flooding included pictures of same. The letter stated the obvious, that commercial or restaurants fronting the boulevard couldn't succeed if people couldn't get in. 

To change the approved plan of development requires City Commission involvement.

There are major inconsistencies in the plan which need to be addressed.  Piecemeal will make the process drag on. Mr. Heisenbottle has the opportunity to create something he and Sanford can be proud of, further meetings with the County and the downtown merchants and property owners would help in making this possible.

If there was adequate parking included for the Courthouse, it could be used after hours for the restaurants and for boating events at the marina.  Speaking of boats, the Palmetto Avenue width should not be further restricted, it is the main route for trailered boats getting to the marina.

In addition to the conflict with the Courthouse, Heritage also has potential conflicts with the marina, the Civic Center, the library, and First Street merchants.

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