Snarky McSnide Says, The Soft on Crime City?


The Soft on Crime City?

The Soft on Crime Mayor and City Commission?

The crime rate in Sanford is almost as bad as Orlando. (Maybe that's why our County leaders want us to be known as Orlando North)

Compared with other cities in Seminole County, Sanford is the clear winner in the crime department.

How have the Mayor and City Commission achieved this dubious honor?  Ignoring the problem has worked wonders.

Throwing money at feel good projects distracts citizens from the real problems of Sanford.

Recent examples:

Millions of dollars for an extension of the Riverwalk to Interstate 4.

Giving money to a giant company that lost a billion dollars last year and paid hush money to cover up a data breach.

Paying for a Wi-fi system for downtown when nobody needs it or uses it.

Subsidizing a South Florida developer in an ill-conceived project that will further damage the economic well-being of Downtown.

Sanford Crime Statistics Going the Wrong Way***

The unfortunate truth is the overall crime rate in Sanford is 100% higher than the national average. It was 87% higher.
Year over year, crime in Sanford has increased by 6%

96% of the cities in the United States are safer than Sanford.

The number of sworn police officers in our city is less than it was ten years ago.  Our population has grown considerably since then.  No new additions to the force have been budgeted. The only way Sanford will get any more police protection is when our Congresswoman gets us a grant for possibly four more officers.

The City police department has 43% less officers than the average police department in the State of Florida. Sanford's force is 131. Just to get to the national average, the City needs to hire 50 more officers.  You read it right, 50.

2018 is an election year, incumbents have to run on their record.


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