Snarky McSnide Says, Ruffled Feathers in the Oviedo Henhouse


Ruffled Feathers in the Oviedo Henhouse


Oviedo is famous for its chickens, they have been a staple of the old downtown for years.


However, the May 7 meeting of the Oviedo City Government went viral on Al Gore's Internet.


The Head Rooster in Oviedo ruffled the feathers of one of the Hens.


The main cause of the dustup was over spending taxpayer's money for a trip to Washington to meet with Oviedo's federal representatives so the Rooster could then strut his stuff. The Hen wanted to know the real purpose of the trip. The Rooster said it was a secret and he didn't want to discuss it because the Hen would tell the public. The Hen objected to the cost of the trip.  It's not much money, it's really just chicken feed, crowed the Rooster. The lawyerly Hen clucked about the easy availability of an opportunity to meet the Congressional Delegation locally.


The Rooster couldn't help himself and started pecking at the Hen. At one point he called her a "petulant child".  He said he can't wait for six months to pass when she will no longer be on the council.  He said she was a Mother Hen and complained about her raining on his Washington parade.


A day or so later, the Rooster decided to take a moment out of his busy schedule and issue a self-serving apology to everybody in Oviedo for his conduct.  Here it is.


If the Hen got a personal apology it has not been made public.

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