Appraised Museum Quality pieces reside in Geneva

By Marie Tatman                                          

Geneva Correspondent

According to Kevin Quinlan, Antique Appraiser, he is always surprised by what he finds at our appraisal fair in Geneva.  This was the third year for the fair, held June 2 at the Community Center.  As folks came in bringing their treasurers, Mr. Quinlan made this remark several times.  The attached pictures show a few of them.  One was a flower holder that would have probably been in a palace!  The framed document is a letter of promotion for a Civil War Soldier signed by Abraham Lincoln.  There is a signed Picasso print of The Rooster, and an ancient music box in nearly perfect condition.  Another picture shows Mr. Quinlan talking about one of the pottery pieces.   He is very knowledgeable, having been in this business for a long time.  We always look forward to this day, and keep an eye out for next year when I expect our little town will once again be ready to bring in family treasures to see what we can learn about them.  The owners of the pieces have not been identified out of respect for their privacy and safety since these articles are that rare!  Thanks to everyone who brought many other items to the fair.

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