Snarky McSnide Says, Silver Lake Fiasco


Gordy's Home*


Last Monday, the Sanford City Commission listened to concerned citizens, both in the City and without about a proposed annexation of 5.65 acres on Silver Lake. The stated reason for annexation was to be able to hook up to city water.  The homes would be on septic tanks.


Sounded innocent enough so far.


The problem was the city staff was apparently under the impression that the property was platted for 14 homes.  That's right, 14 homes on 5 plus acres on Silver Lake. The staff told the Commissioners that if the City didn't annex the property, then the 14 houses would be built in the county with wells and septic tanks.


That got the attention of the rest of the lakefront owners. Their homes are on parcels of 2 to 10 plus acres.  They expressed themselves well in their opposition to such a drastic increase in density.


The Commission heard their plea and voted to continue the first reading of the annexation to later in July.


A year or so ago the city staff recommended extending Sanford sewer lines along Lake Mary Boulevard to serve a Lake Mary developer.  The reason given was that if Sanford didn't provide sewer, the houses on Lake Mary would be on septic tanks and that wouldn't be good for that lake.  Here, the staff is saying Sanford will provide water but no sewer.  Looks like the Sanford City staff is more concerned about the pristine quality of Lake Mary than it is of a lake that is partially in the City of Sanford.


The City Planning Department maintained the property was in excess of 6 acres. They didn't agree with the Property Appraiser, they used GPS. The Property Appraiser shows Lot 1 as 2.649 acres. Lot 2 is 2.996.


The property was platted in 2002 as a single family four lot subdivision, two of the lots were sold to other parties by the owner. Lots 1 & 2 were purchased by the present owner at that time. Unless changes have been made recently, the property consists of two buildable lots. To do what the applicant desires will require re-platting from 2 lots to 14 lots.  Sort of hits you, doesn't it?  14 houses instead of 2.  What is the Planning Department thinking?


Mention was made of a grave on the affected land, this needs to be verified before any thought of a 14 house subdivision is considered.


Why not do this? Before any more zoning changes are made or re-plats proposed, a lake district small area plan for Silver Lake, Lake Onora and Golden Lake, should be considered. If Sanford's Planning Department can work with the County, the character of one of the oldest settled areas in Central Florida can be protected. Maybe even an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan is needed.


Unlike Donald Trump, Snarky has been wrong before and will correct any erroneous information.


*This newspaper needs to disclose that a former owner of the Sanford Herald, Gordon Dean, lived on the property for many years. The main part of his house was an old one room school.  Gordy, at a court proceeding involving his brother, was asked by the judge to please give his partially concealed firearm to the bailiff.


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