Sanford Herald welcomes new staff - Advertising Sales Representative, Intern & Billing/Subscriptions

Daniel Sherman
Andre Rodriguez
Laura Mathewson

Meet Daniel Sherman - Advertising Sales Representative


Special to the Herald


Daniel Sherman is a man on a mission, fueled by a combination of compassion, awareness, and intellect. He is a businessman, investor, and entrepreneur that is whip-smart and culturally savvy.  

Daniel loves living in Sanford so he can pursue his other passions, including fishing, spending time with family, and reading at the Sanford Library.  

When you spend just a few minutes with Daniel, you can tell that he is focused and thoughtful, a constant student of the cultures and specialties around him, but still retains an artist's eye and vision that is expansive and broad. He knows that the future is in his hands and has committed to using every tool he has to shape it, while applying his heart and passion as the guiding force. 

Daniel is a 2006 graduate of Seminole High School  in Sanford. He also attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Florida A & M) from 2006 to 2009 studying Public Relations and Marketing. He attended University of Phoeniz from 2013 to 2014 studying Business Administration and Economics and received sales education from Grant Cardone University from 2014 to 2015. 

Daniel can be reached at the Sanford Herald through his email or call 407-459-9351.


Meet UCF’s Andre Rodriguez - Sanford Herald College Intern


Special to the Herald


Welcome Andre Rodriguez to the Sanford Herald. He is our new intern.

Andre Rodriguez is a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in print digital journalism and minoring in sports business management. He is currently interning here at the Sanford Herald.

His goal is to one day be a Sports Reporter or Sports Analyst, work his way from even the smallest community news outlet covering sports, to one day, one of the biggest news outlets like ESPN, Fox, NY Times, Turner Sports. 

He is minoring in sports business management as a fall back plan. He loves basketball and has memorized the game and understands the principles of sports operations in the basketball world and would also one day love to be part of an NBA organization as a scout or in business operations. 

He is a man of opportunity so whatever falls to his plate first is most likely the direction he is going to take and so far it seems like his Sports Reporting career seems the most hopeful.

He also works part time at Publix to save some money on the side. He has lived in Oviedo since he was about 2 years old and he is currently 21 years old. Rodriquez is originally from Brooklyn, New York. 


Andre Rodriguez

University of Central Florida

Undergraduate: Print-Digital Journalism 

Minor: Sports Business 



Meet Laura Mathewson - Billing & Subscriptions


Special to the Herald


Laura Mathewson recently joined our team taking over the billing desk and handling customer subscriptions. She is very experienced with Quick Books and has over 10 years of accounting and billing background. 

Mathewson graduated from Deltona High School in 1997.

For any of your financial questions or information regarding your subscription with the Sanford Herald please call 407-322-2611 or email


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