Snarky McSnide says, Why is this even on the ballot?


Voting on the Sanford Amendments 


On the August 28 election:  Ballot Question #1


Question: Why is this even on the ballot?


The proposal is to allow the City Commission, in its wisdom, on its own initiative, to increase the number of commissioners from the present five to as many as seven. Where did this come from?  Are the Sanford Mayor and Commissioners so overwhelmed trying to do their job that they need additional help?


(Maybe so, if you look at the landscaping around the Sanford water plant and the collapsed board fence at the Mayfair Country Club. More likely it is a matter of the Mayor and Commissioners not caring how the City looks.)


If Ballot Question #4 passes, (raising the Mayor and City Commission salaries) and the City then expands the commission to seven, the taxpayers are on the hook for even more money.


The County Commission, which has responsibility for 500,000 citizens, has been able to do the job since 1913 with a maximum of five. Other cities in the county don't seem overburdened, they have five.


Less than five doesn't work for Sanford, The Mayor needed just one ally in the 1920s when the Sanford City Commission only had three including the mayor.  He went to the state prison.


The only entity that would benefit would be the City Manager and staff.  It would take four votes to fire them rather than three.  If you were a commissioner with one quarter of the power in the city, why would you give that up and reduce your strength to only one sixth? It doesn't make sense.


Vote No on Ballot Question #1

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