Snarky McSnide Says, Who Gave It,  Who Got It.  Part II


Who Gave It,  Who Got It.  Part II


The campaigns for Sanford Mayor and Commission District #2 are almost over.




In the Mayors race, the incumbent, Jeff Triplett, still has more cash than all his opponents combined. The list of his contributors includes many land developers, builders, accountants, attorneys and engineers who have done or hope to do business with the City.


One thing he doesn't have is contributions from Sanford voters. Of his 83 listed donations, only one for certain lives in our fair city.  Most of the rest of the money comes from Orlando.


$500 from Sanford, $44,800 from somewhere else. His average contribution is $546.


The Mayor's expenses total $15,306.69.  Of this, money spent in Sanford other than qualifying fees, totals $3,304.83.


Pasha Baker has 44 Sanford contributors out of an approximate 120 total.  (Some have made more than one contribution)   Average contribution is $96.


Nancy Groves has 17 out of 33.  Average contribution is $137.


Victoria Robinson has 8 out of 48.  Average contribution is $90.


If this all translates into votes, Pasha Baker is the new mayor and Jeff goes back to Missouri.




In the race for District 2 Commissioner, Kerry Wiggins has taken in $16,948 and spent $15,547.72. Out of 211 recorded  contributions, 65 are actually from Sanford.  Average contribution is $80.


Shane Lillibridge has 10 out of 51. Average contribution is $85.


Brenda Hartsfield has 25 out of 40.  Average contribution is $72.


Mario Hicks has raised $11,440 and spent $8,295.18. Out of 123 entries, 63 are from potential voters in Sanford.  Average contribution is $93.


Here if this translates into votes, Wiggins and Hicks are in a run-off.


It's as good a way to predict the outcome as any of those that said Hillary would win.


This column is based on public information available on Mike Ertel, Seminole County Supervisor of Elections website.



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