Snarky McSnide Says, Snarky was partly right


Snarky was partly right


Remember just before the last election, Snarky, qualifying the accuracy of his predictions with those of the Hillary land sliders, predicted a run-off for District 2 and a win for Pasha Baker in the mayoral race. Snarky used the number of campaign donations from voters in the City for his calculations.  Since the Mayor only had one from a bona fide Sanford voter, Pasha was predicted to win in a landslide.


Snarky got a smidgeon of it right.  The Mayor did not get a vote of confidence from the citizens for a job well done.  He faces Pasha in November.  However, he has unpacked his suitcase and no longer has to return to Missouri as with almost 49% of the vote in the primary there is no way he doesn't get over 50% next time.


In addition, the Mayor also got a raise from the voters.  He now will make $22,000 instead of $16,000.  Sanford voters apparently appreciate living in a city that is safer than 4% of the cities in the United States of America.



Tweety and the Twerp


A few months ago Tweety, the President of the United States of America, and the Twerp, the Supreme Leader of the People's Republic of Korea, met in Singapore.  The consensus was that nothing good would come out of the meeting.


The two sides are still trading insults, but some things have changed.  One thing, bodies of war dead from over sixty years ago are being returned.


But the biggest change of all?


North Korea just had a large military parade.  What was missing?  Rockets, that's what.


When you have been rattling sabers for 68 years, it gets to be a habit that can only be broken a little bit at a time.  No rockets is a start.




The Friendly City


If you are driving your car in Sanford and have a medical emergency, make sure you have someone to retrieve your vehicle. If you live alone you are in trouble.


A recent example is a citizen who was transported to Shands for critical surgery. His car didn't receive such loving care. The police, instead of trying to find someone to take the car back to his residence, had it impounded by a local towing company.  When he got back from Gainesville, he found that he owed more money than the car was worth.


Ironically, in a lot of drug arrests in Sanford, the car is not impounded but is released to the dealer's girl friend.

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