Snarky McSnide Says, Electric Car Rip off


There He Goes Again


The City of Sanford, in a green moment, converted five downtown parking spaces from normal use to exclusive use as charging stations for expensive federally tax subsidized electric vehicles. No other cities in the county fell for the scam. Eventually, the City decided to charge $1 for use of the spaces.  A two hour limit was imposed.  (A Tesla takes hours and hours to recharge its 7,000 little flashlight batteries.)


At the last meeting of the Sanford Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency, (CRA), it was revealed that the charging station revenue doesn't cover the upkeep cost of the things.  Furthermore, naturally, the company that installed them says they are out of date and need to be replaced.  One justification given for continuing to pay for them was that they contributed to the City's image as a "smart city".


The CRA Chairman, Charles Davis, said he had heard of enough people using the charging stations to justify their presence. He was also quoted as saying, "You see a lot of people using them down there."


Mr. Davis needs a better set of hearing aids and glasses plus a functioning computer.  He can spend the whole day "down there" and never see a vehicle hooked up to any of the charging stations.  His own staff told him revenue to the City was about $100 per month and it cost the City $1,400 per year to operate them.


Sharpening his pencil he would see that 100x12= $1,200  A loss of $200 per year.


At a dollar per two hours, the figures show a dismal 100 times a month that the stations are used. Since there are five of them, that works out to 20 times a month on average for each one.  Ten days a month they are empty, doing nobody any good. The days they are used, most of the time the space is unoccupied.


Converting the three that border 1st Street back to general parking will generate tax revenue rather than a warm fuzzy feeling for saving the planet.

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