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Snarky McSnide Says,

Snarky has been requested to tone it down. Does that mean more snark and less snide? Snide is supposedly worse than snark.


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The Arrest Report

Knives out


A couple called police to the area in front of the Colonial Room restaurant in downtown Sanford last week after they said a homeless man pulled a knife on them.

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City Church offers Food & Supplies to Needy during Easter Weekend

City Church recently partnered with City of Destiny and other nonprofits to give away food and toilet paper on Easter weekend.

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Central Baptist Church distributes Meals from Local Restaurants

On Easter Sunday, Central Baptist Church staff and members distributed prepared meals to vulnerable families in the area.

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Geneva Resident sews Face Masks for Healthcare Workers and Community

By Susan Wenner

Herald Publisher/ People Editor



Geneva resident, Tina Mundy knew that she had to do something to help amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

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