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PITTSBURGH GRIEVES ONCE MORE A 97-year-old woman who was the oldest victim of the synagogue massacre will be laid to rest at the end of a wrenching, weeklong series of

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Uber, Lyft to offer free or discounted rides on Election Day for voters

Despite voting being more important to people this year than in the last midterm in 2014, with a notable surge in voter registrations, it’s still difficult for some people to

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Sanford Historical Society President authors book about historical Seminole County murder

Andy Fink, president of the Sanford Historical Society and a lawyer by trade, has had murder on his mind for quite some time. The reason is the book he just

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New evidence could change outcome in Clemente Javier Aguirre-Jarquin murder case

The case of Clemente Javier Aguirre-Jarquin, sentenced to death for alleged murder in 2006, is now undergoing the procedures for a new trial as evidence comes to light that may

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SunRail to run testing overnight, weekends for upcoming weeks

Look for SunRail trains running overnight and on weekends as SunRail’s Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation project continues forward. Functional integration testing is occurring during the month of November. This

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Sanford manufacturing company partnership in China will create jobs locally

Hernon Manufacturing, which is based in Sanford, signed a deal to partner with China’s Shenzhen Mitsuden on Friday to expand their reach globally. The result, according to Harry Arnon with Hernon

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