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Tiny home communities now allowed in Longwood

The City of Longwood voted recently to allow tiny home communities to set up permanent residences in the city, and for local manufacturers Cornerstone Tiny Homes, that’s a good thing.

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Public Notices: March 17, 2019

Notice of Application for Tax Deed


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Snarky McSnide Says,

What to do with the kids who got into elite colleges because their parents cheated?


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The Arrest Report

Got change?


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Hagerty High offers Chinese in 2019 School Year

By Bryson Turner

Hagerty High School Correspondent


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Choo Choo to the Central Florida Zoo

Special to the Herald


Next week, ride SunRail to the Sanford Station and the Choo Choo to the Zoo will be waiting to take you to the Central Florida Zoo!

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Local Lady creates Plant-Based Cookbook

By Susan Wenner

Herald Publisher/People Editor


Local resident and self-employed entrepreneur, Jayna Swan of Longwood, has set out to make her mark in the culinary world with her Plant Based Cookbook.

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