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Deltona man arrested fourth time for exposing himself in public

A 22-year-old Deltona man was arrested Wednesday morning after two Galaxy Middle School cheerleaders said they saw a driver masturbating as they handed out candy canes in the drop off lane at the school, according to a Volusia County Sheriff’s Off

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Public Notices: Dec. 22, 2019



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Snarky McSnide Says,

Last Democratic debate of the Year


Did anybody watch?


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The Arrest Report

At least he didn’t lie


Seminole County deputies responded to the Kangaroo Express on Orange Boulevard in Sanford after employees accused a man of stealing.

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“Ava Knows’ - My Car Is Affecting My Dating Life

Ava Knows is an Author, Advice Blogger and Storyteller. Ask Ava is currently featured on social media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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“Dear Dietitian” on Raw, Unpasteurized Milk

Dear Dietitian,

I have a friend who drinks raw, unpasteurized milk. She claims it has many health benefits, and that pasteurization of milk is unnecessary. What do you think?



Dear Jim,

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Fifty Local Children find “Forever Families” on National Adoption Day for Best Christmas Gift

Meet Anne Hudson (right) from Seminole County. At age 46, Anne Hudson never thought she would be raising a second child – nor did she imagine how much joy it would bring her.

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