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New fire station in Oviedo will offer better, faster service to nearby residents

Fire Station 29 in Oviedo opened on Thursday morning, promising to bring better, faster service to residents of the area and helping to bridge the gap by having fire stations more frequently dispersed through the community.

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Sanford’s Career Source part of nationwide bomb scare hoax on Thursday

Career Source Central Florida’s Sanford office was among the victims of bomb threat hoaxes nationwide on Thursday afternoon, the Sanford Police Department stated.

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Seminole County suspends Code Red drills after mix-up at Lake Brantley High

After a chaotic misunderstanding last week at Lake Brantley High School, Sheriff Dennis Lemma suspended the use of ‘Code Red’ drills at schools, which are usually used to prepare students in the case of a real emergency such as someone firing a we

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Aspire Health Partners, Seminole Sheriff’s Office hope to combat opioid overdoses

Shannon Robinson, Senior Vice President of Medical Operations with ASPIRE Health Partners, feels confident in calling the high levels of opioid-related deaths nationwide an epidemic.

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Public Notices: Dec. 16, 2018

Notice of Application for Tax Deed


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Snarky McSnide Says,

Warley Park Homeless Shelter Site


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THE BULLETIN BOARD: MLK Steering Committee announces 2019 schedule

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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