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Reverend Eddie Martin

Reverend Eddie Martin, 83, born June 29, 1938 in Sanford, Florida, to James and Eldora Martin, passed away Monday, October 11, 2021, in the presence of his loving Family. Rev.

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Commandos touch down near Sanford Civic Center during Thursday’s Alive After 5

As Alive After 5’s Rocktober fest hummed on 1st Street Thursday night, a C-130 J aircraft from Patrick Space Force Base flew steadily at about 6,000 feet over Sanford from west to east.

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Snarky McSnide Says,



Have recently noticed several cars with California license plates.


Why are they here? Have they discovered that Florida is a better place to live?


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Father charged with negligent manslaughter after toddler fatally shot mother during Zoom call

An Altamonte Springs man was arrested Tuesday about two months after a toddler shot and killed his mother in their apartment while she participated in a Zoom meeting, police said.

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Two fatal motorcycle accidents kill 2 this week

An unidentified Sanford motorcyclist died Tuesday morning following a possible road rage incident on Interstate 4 near the Saxon Boulevard exit in Deltona, the Florida Highway Patrol said. In a separate motorcycle crash Oct.

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New San Leon Sanford building will house Foxtail Coffee, 10 residential apartments

After breaking ground in July 2020, the new San Leon Building at the corner of Sanford Avenue and 2nd Street is set to open this week with 10 apartments and an announcement that Foxtail Coffee will open a store on the bottom floor.

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News briefs

Showtime moves to Wednesday this month

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