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Elyh the Cyber Prince - Pause Before You Post, Ask Yourself Questions

Special to the Herald


Hello friends, it's me, Elyh!

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Seminole High Student Correspondent shares about COVID & School Year

By Isabella Gomez, Seminole Student Correspondent

Isabella Gomez is in the Seminole High School Health Academy and looking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. 


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Student Correspondent - Lyman Girls Varsity Volleyball Team going Strong

By Asma Sanaullah, Lyman High Student 



 As the ball soars through the air, Lyman’s defense is like a wall, quickly bouncing it back to their opponents and scoring another point.

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Chiropractor talks about Healing from God

By Dr Erin Spaulding DC


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Football, Family, Fun

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Nacra wins again

   SANFORD — An overcast sky and nice

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