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SunRail announces launch of new app to help schedule your train ride

SunRail is pleased to announce today the release of the new SunRail App. The new app provides quick and easy access to everything SunRail, including schedules, trip planner, station information, SunCard account management, and more.

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THE BULLETIN BOARD: Grads return to Lake Howell to pass on knowledge to students

The Value of a “Thank You” by Richard “Pete” Peterson, Teacher at Lake Howell High School.  There was once a story told of a Supernatural King who disguised Himself in earthly flesh.  He was so renowned for His wisdom to counsel people that one da

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BASE Camp helps Families dealing with Cancer

By Susan Wenner

Herald Publisher/People Editor


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Ava Knows : “My Friend is Dating my Ex”

Ava Knows is an Author, Advice Blogger and Storyteller. Ask Ava is currently featured on social media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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Girl Scouts open Food Pantry at Jackson Heights

By Larry Griffin

Herald Staff Writer


A group of Oviedo middle school students is doing their part to help those in need of food with a recently-opened pantry at Jackson Heights Middle School.

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Cadettes work on LESA Garden at Lawton Elementary for Silver Award

By Susan Wenner

Herald Publisher/ People Editor


The Cadettes Girl Scout Troop 1276 recently began working on their Silver Award, which is the second highest award that a Girl Scout can earn. 

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