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Snarky McSnide Says,

Crime Statistics


The news is getting better.


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THE BULLETIN BOARD: Sanford native owns Ms. Dee’s Creations - Out of the Box!

Introducing Diann Lamar Lowery, Owner of Ms. Dee’s Creations - Out of the Box!  Diann, a native of Sanford, FL, is the daughter of Mrs.

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Dental Implants - A solution for Missing Teeth

Special to the Herald - (Part 1)


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Ava Knows - My Relative Wants to Move In

Ava Knows is an Author, Advice Blogger and Storyteller. Ask Ava is currently featured on social media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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Brookdale hosts their own Antique Show

By Susan Wenner

Herald Publisher/ People Editor


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Community Events for Sept. 15 Edition

Veterans Services

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World Champions

   Sanford’s own Clifton Marshall won the Na

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